Current Students

Welcome Current Students

The student life program is coordinated by the office of Student Services.  We are located A successful experience in college is prefaced upon your relationship with the faculty and the students.  Carlos Albizu University is committed to you in each area.  You will complete your program having established valuable Relationships/network with our esteemed faculty and a vibrant student population.  Every month we aspire to provide you with a series of planned events designed to make your time at Carlos Albizu University educational and fun. The website calendar is the best resource for up to date information.  For additional information, please call 305-593-1223, ext. 208

All students enrolled at Carlos Albizu University are provided with an email by which the academic departments and service units will communicate vital information. The login credentials to gain entry are first initial, last name and last three digits of your student id (no spaces).  The password is your first name with the year born (no spaces).  If you are having trouble accessing your email account, please contact the ITS at 305-593-1223, ext. 3177 or via email at 

Login: First letter of your name, followed by last name and last 3 digits of student ID.
Password: First Name, followed by year of birth (4 digits)


  • Name: John Doe
  • Student Id: 0123456
  • Date of birth: 01/01/1985

Login: jdoe456
Password: john1985

The Blackboard LMS is the conduit by which we deliver our online and hybrid courses as well as posting information on employment and tutoring.  You will use the same login credentials for Blackboard as you have for the email.  If you are enrolled in an online or hybrid course and are experiencing difficulty, contact the Blackboard administrator at 305-593-1223, ext. 3177 or via email at

The office hours of all service units are:       

Monday      10:00am – 7:00pm
Tuesday    10:00am – 7:00pm
 Wednesday    10:00am – 7:00pm
 Thursday     10:00am – 7:00pm
 Friday    10:00am – 6:00pm

In addition to the coordination of the student life program at CARLOS ALBIZU UNIVERSITY, the offices of Student Services also coordinates matters relating to accommodation for disabled students; serves as the primary contact for current International students; and is your advocate when you encounter challenging environments with the service and academic units. You may call 305-593-1223, ext. 208 or via email at

The Finance Office is available to you to help you satisfy the matriculation cost incurred for your program enrollment.   If you have questions regarding your financial aid award, payment plans for out of pocket expenses or you have an Employer Tuition Payment Plan, please call 305-593-1223, ext. 196 or email at

The Registrar is located in room 111 and provides the following services:

  • Certification
  • Transcripts
  • Loan Deferments
  • Graduation Eligibility
  • Registration
  • Degree verification

To reach the Office of the Registrar, please call 305-593-1223, ext. 197 or via email at

Our mission is to help you succeed in your academic objective as well as job readiness and placement.  We offer the following tutoring services free of charge to CARLOS ALBIZU UNIVERSITY students:

    • Paper Reviews
    • Grammar and English Writing Tutorials
    • APA Style Tutorials
    • Math & Statistics Tutorials
    • Psychology Content Review
    • Business Content Review
    • Study Skills
    • Time Management Skills

Furthermore, our Career Specialist will improve your professional options with the following services:

    • Document Reviews
      • Resume
      • Cover Letter
      • Thank you letter
    • Job Search
      • Education on Strategies
      • Appropriate Referral
      • Interviewing preparation
      • Online Services (Portal)
      • Career Counseling

To make an appointment to access the aforementioned services, call 305-593-1223, ext. 135 or

Located in room 174, the Office of Financial Aid has a dedicated staff waiting to service your needs in packaging your financial aid award.  We are available to you and provide one to one service with the application for financial aid, verification, award and counseling on managing your student loans.  Please contact us at 305-593-1223, ext. 153 or email at