Albizu University count with more than 8,000 graduates, and currently these ambassadors promotes our institution around the world.

The Alumni Association is today the oldest organization on campus not directly related to academics and a member-based, nonprofit organization that promotes Albizu  University, and engages alumni through Its programs; including a web site for alumni, the institutional newsletter Universitatis, free continuing education workshops, scholarships, meeting and activities, travel opportunities, among others.

The Albizu University Alumni Association is your connection to more than 8,000 fellow alumni. Governed by a volunteer board of directors, the Alumni Association is committed to encouraging lifelong education, providing quality services and programming, and assisting in the continued development and enhancement of your Alma Mater.

If you studied at Albizu University, or the Miami Institute of Psychology, or Centro Caribeño de Estudios Post-Graduados, you are invited to join the Alumni Association as a member and help us in our effort to build a greater university.  Your membership tells others that you support education, plus it networks you with other successful alumni.

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