Learning the English language can be a necessity in today’s diverse society. English proficiency will open many doors, helping you to better communicate with friends and family, seek employment or a better job, pursue educational opportunities, or apply for citizenship.

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) certificate program at Albizu University prepares you to effectively communicate in English regardless of your current level of proficiency. Whether you speak and understand English enough to get by or cannot communicate at all, you will be placed in a learning environment that meets your needs.

As a student in the ESOL program, you will develop your ability to speak, write and read English through classroom and computer-based exercises, writtenand oral assignments, and other learning activities. Our expert faculty members provide personalized attention in a small-class environment.

Now is the time to begin your journey into the English language. Become proficient in communicating in English and pursue your professional dreams!

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