Welcome to the Finance Department of Carlos Albizu University! We are here to help you manage your financial student account in the pursuit of your academic goal. 

The mission of the CAU Finance Department is to safeguard the financial resources and promote the fiscal soundness of the University in the provision of academic training and community services. Our goal is to do so while providing quality services and guidance directly to our students as well as to other departments that provide vital services to the education and training of our students.

We are mainly responsible for administering and controlling an array of student services that include payment plans, financial consultation and financial aid processing such as direct loans, scholarships, grants, etc. In doing so, we have aligned ourselves with the University’s strategic plan with regard to the use of current technologies so as to provide you with up-to-date, accurate, and efficient services that  include online processing of student payments and dissemination of information.

 CAU’s Finance Department faithfully adheres to prevailing regulatory pronouncements and guidelines to govern the accuracy and fairness of financial reporting of our business activities.

Your financial health and management is a critical element in your success. We are available to guide  you and help you achieve this.