Program Overview

The B.S. in Criminal Justice program at Albizu University, Miami campus, gives you the foundation to be competitive in the field of criminology, including an understanding of the use of forensic techniques in crime-related scenarios. The program is also designed to help you successfully transition to graduate studies in fields such as police psychology, public administration, and forensic science.

You will graduate with the knowledge and skills to become a culturally sensitive practitioner who can identify precursors to criminal behavior, engage in ethical forensic practice, and improve the rehabilitative process in the correctional system to reduce recidivism rates.

Program Highlights

Our program integrates social, emotional, and behavioral theories with current trends in criminology, psychology, and the forensic sciences. The convenience of day, evening, and weekend classes will help you to successfully meet both your academic and personal goals.

Albizu University has historically provided professional training that is sensitive to cultural and ethnic issues. Our multicultural approach focuses on the worth and dignity of all people, regardless of background, origin, or life circumstances.

As an undergraduate, your studies will be tailored to your academic interests and goals. You will learn from faculty experts with practical experience in the criminal justice field. An academic mentor will assist you in the growth and development of your career. Options for independent study will enable you to further target your research and hone the analytical skills needed for success in future graduate work.

The B.S. in Criminal Justice program offers a minor in Behavioral Sciences that is designed to familiarize you with human cognitive, behavioral, and emotional processes, including group processes and maladaptive behaviors. You will also examine the relationship between the legal and psychological professions and learn how to identify community resources and networks that need greater assistance.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program work in private protective services, law enforcement, and corrections. Many continue on to graduate-level training in other fields. Whether entering the workforce or pursuing additional studies, graduates of the program find that their deepened understanding of human behavior in the field of criminal justice enables them to be more successful at their endeavors.


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