Albizu University is a private, non-profit institution of higher learning with campuses in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Miami, Florida. It is the only regionally accredited secular university in the continental United States named in honor of a Hispanic, Dr. Carlos Albizu-Miranda.  We are proud of our roots and of our commitment to excellence in program offerings. To date, over 9,000 graduates call Albizu University their alma mater—a university that prides itself in educating culturally competent individuals capable of serving the diverse populations of our global community.

Albizu University offers exciting and challenging programs in psychology, education, speech-language therapy and pathology, human services, ESOL, and criminal justice, taught by our diverse, expert faculty to more than 2,000 students on two campuses. With more than 65 countries represented in our student body, the university thrives in a modern facility in Miami and in the heart of Old San Juan.

Our San Juan campus is located in the center of Puerto Rico’s capital city, surrounded by historic buildings dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, museums, restaurants, plazas, and a variety of businesses. The environment contributes to a lively and interesting student experience, with many activities infused with the Caribbean rhythms that culturally distinguish Albizu University.

Our Miami campus is located in the metropolitan area of Miami, Florida, considered the most multi-ethnic city in the United States. The university has been in the forefront of training students who can respond to the complex socioeconomic and psychosocial needs that accompany such diversity. Miami is a vibrant metropolis that offers students an exciting life outside the campus. Whether you enjoy people watching in world-famous South Beach, visiting museums, attending cultural events, tropical shopping at Bayside Marketplace, or dining at one of the many ethnic restaurants, Miami offers endless opportunities. 

The San Juan campus houses two training clinics; the Clínica de Salud Mental de la Comunidad (Community Mental Health Clinic), a training center for students enrolled in the doctoral programs in clinical psychology, and the Clínica de Patología del Habla y Lenguaje (Speech and Language Pathology Clinic), which is for students training to become practitioners in the field of language and communication disorders. 

The Miami campus is home to the Goodman Psychological Services Center, the clinical training center for students enrolled in the doctoral program in clinical psychology. Since 1980, the clinic has provided affordable mental health services to more than 10,000 members of underserved, underrepresented minorities in South Florida.