Our Values

Goals, Objectives, and Philosophy

Albizu University fosters the following organizational goals:

  • Excellence in academic programs and services
  • The development of fundamental humanistic qualities in our students
  • A respect for diversity
  • A commitment to social responsibility
  • The integration of knowledge with technological advances
  • Ethical behavior at all organizational levels
  • Commitment to the development of human resources
  • Openness to the participation of the the staff in academic activities
  • Operational transparency and administrative efficiency

Albizu University seeks to train professionals in a manner that enables them to:

  • Integrate theory and practice in their chosen fields
  • Be sensitive to the cultural realities of different ethnic groups
  • Understand and put into practice ethical norms and professional standards
  • View personal growth and development as a lifelong process

In fulfillment of its institutional goals, Albizu University follows a long tradition of academic excellence, innovative educational policies and commitment to the community. In the words of our founder, Carlos Albizu-Miranda, “love reaches beyond knowledge.”