Graduate Certificate in Autism

The Graduate Certificate in Autism program at Albizu University, San Juan campus and Mayagüez University Center, is an intensive 24 credits program of one year duration. It has been designed for speech-language pathologists, psychologists, doctors, audiologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists,  counselors, nurses, nutritionists and other health professionals. The courses are taught by specialized professionals who will train you in areas such as diagnosis and intervention with infants, children, youngsters and adults with autism.

The program´s goal is to prepare professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to work with persons with autism. This program will help you diversify your  employment opportunities. You will be able to collaborate with schools, families and the community at large to address the academic, social and emotional developmental needs of persons with autism. As a result, their quality of life will improve.

The Graduate Certificate Program in Autism requires the candidate to have a master´s degree or a Ph. D. in a health-related profession.


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