The process of becoming a teacher requires both committing to helping students develop their full potential and masteringthe techniques required to transfer knowledge to those we teach. Teachers impact all of us in profound ways, starting in elementary school and going through to the professional studies we pursue in adult settings.

Teaching in today’s diverse society requires interpersonal skills and wisdom that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers. Albizu University, with its historic focus on sensitivity to cultural and ethnic issues, offers you the opportunity to become a well-informed and emotionally mature teacher who can set students from varying backgrounds on the path to knowledge and success.

Now is the time is to pursue your dream of becoming the teacher you have always wanted to be, a professional capable of inspiring others, changing lives, and transforming minds in order to create a better world.

The Education program at Albizu University, Miami campus, offers five degrees, including an online TESOL degree, and three certificates.

The Associate of Arts in General Education program prepares you to pursue advanced studies leading to a bachelor’s degree as well as to enter the workforce as a more highly qualified candidate. The program includes the lower-division general education curriculum and courses in a concentration of your choice, such as Psychology or Criminal Justice.

The Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education program prepares you to teach kindergarten through sixth grade. Designed as a major in Elementary School Education, it enables you to meet the requirements for certification in the State of Florida. You will graduate with the skills and knowledge you need for the early detection and remediation of conditions that impact the academic achievement of elementary school children.

The Bachelor of Arts in Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program with a minor in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) combines coursework and field experience to give you a research-based approach to ESE. The coursework focuses on current trends and sensitivities toward exceptionalities. The minor enables students to put to use the strong pedagogic skills acquired through the ESE coursework while exploring a special interest in ASD.

The Master of Science in Exceptional Student Education program with a concentration in Varying Exceptionalities is designed for students who wish to obtain teaching certification in the state of Florida. The program prepares you to become a culturally competent educator capable of responding to the unique needs of children with exceptionalities in grades K-12.

The Online Master of Science in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program with a concentration in Exceptional Student Education enables you to gain advanced knowledge and skills in the area of second language acquisition. The program prepares you to become a culturally competent educator able to respond to the language needs of children and adults with limited English language proficiency.

TheCertificate Programs in Educationprovide advanced training in specific areas.The Certificate in Math Education (Grades 5 through 9) and the Certificate in Science Education (Grades 5 through 9) are designed for current or future teachers.  The Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder is designed for educators working with autistic individuals.

Degrees in EducationSan juanMiamiMayaguesOnline
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Elementary EducationCampus Miami
Bachelor of Arts In Exceptional Student Education minor in Autism Spectrum DisordersCampus Miami
Master in Science (M.S) in Exceptional Education Concentration in Varying ExceptionalitiesCampus Miami
Master of Science (M.S) in TESOL Concentration in Exceptional Student EducationCampus MiamiOnline
College Certificate in Mathematics Education (Grades 5 Through 9)Campus Miami
College Certificate in Science Education (Grades 5 Through 9)Campus Miami
Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate ProgramCampus Miami
Associate of Arts Degree in General EducationCampus Miami